If we get your name wrong or miss identifying you, please email steven.rogers@capgemini.com. Check back often, we'll change the pictures monthly.
Thanks to those of you who have submitted pictures so far:
Scott Ryan
Terry Tuthill
Steve Brunell
Bob Hamidi
Missy Facinelli
Barbie Stevenson
Kim Christensen
Missie Ray
Michael Leoni
Val Johnson
Cindy, Don, Julie
Teachers: Benoit, Robinson, Zak
Susie, Barbie, Vicky
Terry Tuthill, Rocky, Doug, Perry Viscounty
Val, Janet, Susie, Julie
Paul Moyer, Leslie Moyer, Steve Sandoval
Jo and Dee Barsa
Teachers Rob Robinson and Jim Zakzeski
Val Johnson and Barbie Stevenson
Steve Brunell and Steve Rogers
Rocky Galupo
Brendan Timpane
At the entrance to the Diamond Club
Susie Rasinsky, Barbie Stevenson, Vicky Franklin
The moms and other assistants
Clark Beyer, Cole Othmer, Sheri Monroe

Golf Outing Photos

Denise Allen, Bill Broadbent
Carolyn, Scott, Leslie
Jeff Burgett, Brendan Timpane, Mike Alu
Ken DuFault Brian Smith Ron Pierce Brad Palmari
Paul Kahkis Ed Alzerocki Rod Musser
The 3-Class Bash reunion committee (minus Scott Ryan who was too shy to appear)

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